Wednesday, 14 September 2011

OUDF variations number 2 – SG15-O4

Another variant of the basic OUDF troops, this time Papau New Guinea/native Australian.  Again, the only change is that they have different heads from the basic OUDF troopers.  All are bare-headed but the facial features and hair styles vary from figure to figure.

Basic paint scheme is the same as listed for SG15-O1 and SG15-O2.  For the flesh tones I’ve used Vallejo Beastly brown and washed some with Vallejo sepia ink, but others with Vallejo black ink.  These various combinations give a little variety, although it doesn’t seem to show as well in the photographs as it does when you’re actually handling the figures.

Hair is black, and some have been given a drybrush of GW vermin fur to try and get the dark gingery hair colour that I’ve seen in some outback photographs.

At Jon Tuffley’s suggestion I’ve given a few of them white face-paint.  Living in rural Norfolk, I don’t tend to come across Australian Aboriginees, so this is based purely on internet research.  Apologies if I’ve used any particular designs out of context!

Overall grade for these figures: B+

I've given this batch the same grade as the other head-swap OUDF troops, as all the same advntages/disadvantages apply.  The basic poses are fine, detail is great, and they'll easily mix with the other OUDF troops or form a distinct unit of their own as desired.

A final close-up showing the detail on the squad leader.

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