Saturday 6 March 2010

Completed caverns

Here are a few photographs of the completed cavern system. I wasn't really happy with the dark-edges movement spots I tried, so I went for lighter centres instead, which has worked much better. I wasn't sure if they'd be visible enough, but they were fine for the first game that we played. Working out how light they'd be when dry was difficult - the paint is slightly lighter in colour when wet, so a couple of extra layers of highlighting were needed to make sure that the spots were visible. Much easier to use than trying to squeeze a tape measure into the tunnels!

Some of the entrances/exits don't line up precisely, but they're more than good enough for my needs.

The large chamber in the middle has extra bits of wall which can be inserted to provide a more maze-like set of passages.

All in all, I'm happy with the results - especially as the only cost involved was about 5 pence worth of white paint for the highlighting and about £1 of cork tiles. All the rest was left over red paint & polystyrene sheet that was left in the garage / loft of our new house, plus a small amount of PVA from a free supply I was given many years ago.

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