Saturday, 13 May 2023

Return to the Ion Age!

 Back in the early 1990's I came across the Alternative Armies Firefight game and figure ranges in Modelcraft, the local independent games shop in Sheringham, where we used to holiday every summer.  I bought a few of the figures and the game.  I thought the figures would be great stand-ins for Imperial Guard, and the game had some interesting concepts and was much faster playing that WH40K (in its first edition back then).

The game has great artwork by Pete Knifton, who was also a regular illustrator for GW in White Dwarf and various rules sets..

AA did produce 6mm and 15mm forces back in the 1990's, but only a very limited range.  The game promised additional rules to come including vehicles and more.  I was disappointed that nothing seemed to come of these.

Crusaders (Retained Knights)

Mixed figures.

Levy (Muster)

15mm Crusaders (Retained Knights)

Fast forward about 20 years and Alternative Armies relaunched the Ion Age in 15mm and have kept up a constant run of new releases and additional games systems ever since.  The range is huge now and I'll be revisiting it over the next few weeks.

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