Friday 23 December 2022

Battletech - Jenners!

Time for some more Battetech 3D printing.  These JR7-D Jenners (or "Vaxxers"!) are by CaptainFathom from Thingiverse.  I prefer this design to the original slightly spindly-legged, front-heavy metal model.  These standard Jenners come with a pairt of medium lasers in each arm and an SRM4 in the top of the torso.  At 35 tons they're at the heavier end of the light 'Mech spectrum but they're still pretty fast, and also jump-capable for added manoeuverablity.

The running version is painted Vallejo khaki with a sepia ink wash and bonewhite drybrush highlight.  The camo pattern was applied using Army Painter "camo cloak" speedpaint, which has produced a good result.

The detail is a bit fuzzy round the back, especially on the 4 jump jets but that's due to my poor placement and cleaning up of supports rather than the model.  I also clumsily snapped the sensor antenna off the top when painting it.

I love the pose on this model, very dynamic compared to the fairly static old metal model.

The second Jenner was base coated with Citadel "Gore-Grunta" brown contrast paint, then drybrushed heavily with Vallejo reflective green and stonewall grey for the camo pattern.

The back of this Jenner has come out slightly cleaner then the previous one, though that's not saying much.  Again, it's all due to my poor placement of supports and careless cleaning up.

You can see that this one survived with half the antenna intact.  The other half is probaby on my painting tray somewhere, I might try and re-attach it if it ever comes to light!

 Jenners are something I've been missing from my BatteMech forces, so these will neatly fill a hole in the TO&E for my Draconis Combine recon lances.  Some better Panthers are something I'll need to work on soon, but I do at least I have one or two old metal ones and a couple of the slightly deformed "PlasTech" ones that will do for now.

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