Friday, 11 November 2022

15mm heavy weapon troopers

 A couple more Security Force Alpha from Alternative Armies HOF range who will be joining either starship crews or the enemy forces in some of my Five Parsecs from Home games.  They'll also be easy to use with my mixed mercenaries for games like Tomorrow's War.

This female trooper has a flamer, ideal for fending off ravenous aliens or clearing out enemy bunkers.  She's been painted in a couple of different greens (one for the fabric, another for the armour plates) and brown boots and gloves, with black/sepia washes as appropriate.

The male trooper has a compact missile launcher to provide some extra anti-armour firepower.  I've given him a camo cape and a fairly dull grey/green paint job.  Apart from the nice red attention-grabbing warhead!

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