Friday 16 February 2018

Oldhammer - Adventurers Starter Set

 Today, a trip down memory lane.

My interest in wargaming / roleplaying was piqued by chance more than 3 decades ago during our fund-raising Cub Scout jumble sale, when I picked up a copy of the boxed set D&D 1st edition for about 50p.  No dice but it did have Player and DM books plus the Expert rules.  Soon afterwards I received my first gaming miniatures, the Adventurers Starter Set from Citadel Miniatures and the Citadel Colour basic paint set (with additional pot of "smelly primer").

The following hideously daubed monstrosities were my first attempt at painting these little figures...

Young Fighter.  His sword-wielding hand broke off and had been glued back rotated through a quarter turn.  I'm quite proud of his shield design, this was painted 4 or 5 years after the initial paint job.

Wizard with Magic Staff.

Heroic Knight in Armour.  Very small in stature, probably only 5'6" in real life!

Stout Dwarf Warrior.

Devout Cleric.  Just don't ask why his nose has been painted with Humbrol fluorescent Fire Orange enamel.

Indomitable Gnome Fighter.

Stealthy Dwarf Thief.

I still have the original box!

The box currently contains a different mix of dungeon explorers, but more on them another day!

I should point out that I would have been about 11 or 12 when I painted those figures!  Back then, "Titillating Pink" was obviously the correct colour for a wizard's skin and I'd never thought of mixing colours together to make "bronzed flesh" more.. er... "bronzed".  Some have been revisited over the years, an ink wash here, a bit of undercoat there in preparation for re-painting.

I think a visit to the garage to soak in paint stripper could be called for.  After that I'll try and re-create my original paint schemes but with slightly more skill!


  1. It's always nice to find some early painted examples and see how you've improved (hopefully).

  2. That's pretty cool, thanks for sharing your trip

  3. Wonderful stuff from back in the day when GW was a great company...