Sunday, 19 November 2017

Sale time! Ravenstar Studios

Although I've never bought any of their stuff, Ravenstar Studios have some really nice 15mm vehicles and all sorts of starships.  I partcularly like their Stalker Walker tanks.

Stalker Walker Tank photograph from Ravenstar web site

Anyway, they've got a sale on, 30% off until November 25th then 25% off until December 3rd plus lots of freebies.  They've posted on the 15mm Facebook Group asking people to spread the word so that's what I'm doing!  I'm very tempted to make an order but I do already have a lot of things waiting to be painted and I probably shouldn't spend any more at the moment so maybe not this year...


  1. Did the same on my blog, I bought a large Horrid and Land Core force (ten vehicles each) I do love his work!

    1. I did spot them on your blog! A fine force of grav armour you'll have.