Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Into the Dragon's Lair...

 Once more a party of brave adventurers ventures into the bowels of the earth...

What's to the right?  A cupboard.  To the left... a great hall with Chaos Dwarves!

Further exploration brings more foes...

Look out!  Aaargh!  The swordmaster is impaled!

A Dwarf crossbowman defends the spell chamber.

The sorcerer in his study.

Chaos casualties mount up (the blood pools)...


The throne room of the Chaos Champion!

The Necromancer's bed-chamber.

"I've found the Dragon!"

Big Jon the Halfling faces the Dragon alone...

Wounded adventurers seek out the healing fountain.

Dragon Slayer!  Big Jon stands triumphant!

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  1. Atmospheric and this adventure...and congrats to Big Jon!