Monday, 15 September 2014

Matchbox reinforcements

I've finished adding assorted stowage to lots of old Matchbox vehicles recently, most or more-or-less ready for painting now.  These will mainly be reinforcements for the Charity Freedom Alliance who have had to make do with unarmed APCs up until now.

Stowage has come from the fantastic new Brigade Models stowage sets, also a few old resin ammo crates, plastic girder off-cuts plus lots of hand-sculpted stowage rolls.  Being second hand, lots of these were very well played-with and have wonky wheels and bent axles so I've had to snip a lot off!  Hopefully some new axles from brass rod or steel piano wire will be suitable to replace them.

Lots of wonky axles - wheels snipped off, new axles to come!

All ready for undercoating!

Weasel armoured cars with Brigade stowage and Milliput canvas rolls.

SP gun with pintle mount and assorted stowage, 2 more Badgers.

Stoat scout cars with Brigade and Milliput stowage.

"Frost Fighter" 4-track and another Stoat.


  1. Funny. I am also preparing to undercoat my converted Stoats and Weasels tomorrow. Also have sculpted GS canvas rolls.

    Albeit Your sculpting-fu is much better than mine.

    1. I've noticed the various Matchbox vehicles scattered around on your blog. I hope your Stoats and Weasels will be making an appearance, I'd love to see what someone else has done with them - and I'm sure your sculpting will be great!

  2. Great stuff! Looking forward to seeing these painted.

  3. How'd you get them so clean? My Matchbox finds had the paint almost welded to the surface, but yours have none that I can see, and hardly any corrosion too?

    1. Soak for at least a day in Wilkinson's own brand paint stripper, scrub clean with an old toothbrush and soapy water (wearing thick rubber workman's gloves for protection), then a good hard scour with fine grade steel then brass wire brushes. My brushes came from Poundland as a set of 4; medium and fine steel wire, med and fine brass wire. Gets rid of all the left over crud and brings them up to a lovely shine, but with a good key for undercoating.