Saturday, 4 January 2014

More Stoats - now with guns!

  I've been meaning to post these pictures for some time - my repainted Matchbox Stoat armoured cars have received gun mounts from Peter Pig.  These are designed for Hummers but fit nicely into the top of the Stoats.  A stack of 3 washers (the same ones that I use to base my figures) are glued inside the top hatch and the Peter Pig hatch gunner drops neatly into place.  Because they're glued to the old "rolamatic" rotating platform, the gun mounts are firmly attached to the vehicle but can still be rotated if desired.

Stoats on patrol.

.50 cals in the lead with a TOW bringing up the rear.

"The Scene" US special forces watch the convoy drive past.

This time I've remembered to paint the headlights!

Note ammo box added to far vehicle.

Jerry can added to rear.

TOW mounting provides extra anti-tank punch.

Gun mounts can swivel for added play value!
I think these gun mounts are great.  The detail is fantastic and they represent an extremely cheap and easy way to add interest to a vehicle.  They are also useful to help give a sense of scale to something like these Stoats which are not specifically designed as 15mm vehicles.  As a bonus, the heads of the .50 cal gunners come separately so it would be easy to use a set of GZG conversion heads or some of the many Peter pig conversion heads to create a post apocalyptic feel.  There is a socket in the neck of the figure so you don't even need to drill a hole!


  1. Now that's what they were missing! Very nice indeed!

  2. Just for a fleeting moment, I found your title a little misleading, with visions of armed weasels taking the local ferrets to task. However, having re-adjusted my reality compass, I should like to say that you've made a fine job of resurrecting these noble Matchbox beauties!

  3. They look great with the new added crew and weaponry