Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bird feeder storage silos

 I spotted these bird feeders a couple of months ago and immediately recognised their terrain potential.  I've finally given in and bought one to experiment with.  At £1 it wasn't much of a risk!  I envisage them as small storage buildings or "domesteads" in my desert village. 

The feeder is hinged along the back edge.  I was going to try and separate them into individual domes but now I've decided to leave them as strips of 3.  I think they look like chunky concrete foundations which have been poured around prefab domes to anchor them in place.  The domes will be lined with papier mache and painted a dusty sandy colour.  The big suckers easily pull out.  Now what can I use those for?

There's one use for them...

I used a pair of cutters to remove the clips which hold the feeder closed.  A craft knife neatened up the edges of the cut and removed the hinge section on the back edge.

By happy co-incidence, this leaves doorways just the right size for 15mm infantry.  Once the domes are lined with papier mache, I'll leave some open and perhaps used some corrugated plasticard scraps for doors in the others.  They'll be very basic quality workers' habs (some sections might be left open as windows) or storage silos for grain or other foodstuffs.

A word of warning though -  this plastic leaves very sharp edges!