Saturday 1 June 2013

I need more buildings! (Part 4)

 Gosh - it's been a month since I last managed to post anything!  I've been busy preparing for Scout camps and other events, also beavering away casting, sticking and painting plaster blocks for my Hirst Arts Dungeon so that we can explore level 2 at the Old Buckenham Bone Crushers this Sunday!

I did find a couple of hours to finish off the desert ruins I started back in January.

I found a good packet of Javis scenics "autumn grass" which is just right for parched desert grass.

Buildings have been painted with a thick layer of PVA + filler with a top coat of masonry paint to seal it all in.  I've been pleased with how hard-wearing my other buildings using this technique have turned out to be.

It's also been months since I've managed a game of anything in 15mm so I must try and get one in soon!


  1. Sweet they look good. Busy Busy Bee then

  2. I've been wondering when you'll finish these. They've come up a treat!