Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Zombie reinforcements

 As those who have viewed my zombie games may have spotted, I haven't actually got very many zombies based and painted yet, hence the need for GZG unarmed civilians to stand in during most games.  14 zombies doesn't really constitute a "horde" I feel (perhaps more of a "hordelet"?), so I thought I'd better get a move on and finish some of my other undead!

Zombies ready for basing on washers (plus some skeletal robots!)

I have quite a number of Rebel Minis zombies from their "Modern Zombies 1" and "Modern Zombies 2" sets (which I received as part of the "Better Dead than Zed" starter box).  These are a great mix of modern zombies ranging from office workers to fast food outlet employees to firemen to policemen plus a range of assorted kids and other civilians.  I've also got a box of fantasy zombies who will look fine painted in modern colours.

More zombies and robots need their bases filed...
All the figures get their bases filed down so they're quite thin.  Once that's done the zombies are mounted either individually on washers or in pairs on 1p pieces or trios on 2p pieces.  The multiple groupings will make it easier and faster to move large hordes.  I've got enough extra zombies ready to bring the horde up to 37, with another 20 or so cleaned up and ready to have their bases filed.

The existing zombie "hordelet".
I've got a few other figures ready for basing too, skeletal robots and some Rebel Minis Earthforce Marines.  I ran out of my preferred washer type and have only just managed to find another supplier.  I use stainless steel M6 washers which are about the same size as the cast-on GZG bases.  I prefer small bases rather than the larger plastic bases that some people use, but that's just my personal taste.  It does mean that there isn't as much space for details like grassy tufts but it does mean that walkways and bridges etc. can be a more realistic width but still provide enough space for figures to stand.  I can store them more easily too!  I might get around to fitting some boxes with magnetic sheeting too, in which case I can transport them more easily.


  1. Nice looking horde starting to form there. Like the different basing types thats a good idea!

  2. I got the idea for the multiple basing from Agent Brown's slice of Cyberspace...

    An excellent source of inspiration!