Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cyclops (part 2)

 More pictures of my Cyclops armoured fighting suits plus the background fluff for them in my games...

I'm wondering whether to paint some of those oblongs on the chest as lights.

The Cyclops Armoured Fighting Suit is actually something of a misnomer.  It is not an actual "suit" that is worn in the same way that a set of power armour might be, but neither is it a true vehicle to be piloted by a pilot sitting in a cockpit as much larger walkers might be.  A Cyclops operator sits on a saddle-like seat in the mid-torso of the fighting suit, arms and legs fitting into a control harness.  These harnesses incorporate a movement amplification system that allows the fighting suit to walk, run and use its arms with minimum input from the operator.  The operator can vary the responsiveness of the suit to allow them to bend a girder or carefully pick up an injured child, a resistance feedback system giving a tactile response that aids in delicate work.

 The Cyclops features a number of cutting edge technologies including a stealth system with adaptive camouflage, advanced sensors and an ECM pod to jam command-detonated mines and explosives and cause premature detonation of ATGW warheads.

Rear view showing backpack detail.
 The designers of the Cyclops made a conscious decision to make the weapons systems modular hand-held units as opposed to built-in armaments.  This approach significantly increases the flexibility of the Cyclops suit.  Weapon load-out can be precisely tailored to the mission with a minimum of time and no requirement for specialist installation training.  Storage and transport of the Cyclops is simplified without built-in weapons taking up additional space.  Left- or right-handed operators can use the same suit with minimal alterations, they simply change hands when picking up their weapon.  Though left or right handedness is not usually considered to be of particular importance in the layout of vehicle controls, the control method employed in the Cyclops makes this a more important factor.

An additional benefit of the Cyclops modular weapon design is the ability to do without weapons completely, leaving the suit with 2 manipulative hands, useful in non-combat situations.  The Cyclops can serve as a load-mover, enabling rapid loading or unloading of supplies and equipment without the need to get a civilian forklift onto the battlefield.  It can also aid in civil emergencies such as earthquakes or fires and explosions, moving rubble with surprising delicacy but able to withstand heat or sudden building collapses.

Are those smoke launchers under the arms?  I've decided not - too much risk of damaging your own arms!

The usual armament of the Cyclops is a heavy autorifle.  This advanced conventional weapon can fire a range of different munition but is generally pre-loaded with armour piercing rounds for use against vehicles and microflechette rounds for use against infantry and other "soft" targets.

My Tomorrow's War stats:

Name:  Cyclops Armoured Fighting Suit
Tech Level: 2
Class: Light
Type: Walker
Weapon: Heavy Autorifle TL3 Hvy support advanced ballistic weapon AP:5/AT:2 (M)
(+1 to die roll on vehicle damage, other bonuses already included above)
Close-up detail of heavy autorifle.

Front 3D8
Side 3D8
Rear 3D8
Deck 2D6

TL2 armour
TL3 advanced sensors (+1D die shift to spot hidden enemy, double optimum range, night vision)
Lifesaver (+1D die shift for crew survival roll)
TL3 Detonation Field (-3D from ATGW firepower)
Stealth (cannot be fired upon until spotted)

Tomorrow... heavy weapon Cyclops!


  1. That looks really swish. nice paintjob mate

  2. These look great!

    I just started following your blog, you have some amazing stuff! Thanks for posting all the great photos!

    I'll have to order some of these battle suits now!