Saturday, 21 August 2010

SAS, civilians and a MAWP

No updates for a while as I've been away for a week at Scout camp (NorJam 2010 - 6000 Scouts and Guides gathering at the Royal Norfolk showground, an absolutely fantastic week!), followed by some gardening projects while the weather is good.

I've been working on finishing off some figures, as it's easy to knock out a few every evening whilst watching season 5 of Stargate Atlantis on DVD...

First off, we have a Rebel Minis SAS team. Detail is variable on these figures. The poses are great, but the moulding isn't as crisp as a lot of other companies. On the whole, they paint up pretty well.

I've gone for a very basic colour scheme with these; black, with grey sleeves & anti-flash hoods. Goggles are GW goblin green.
Next up is a GZG MAWP armed with a plasma gun. Black undercoat, brown base coat with grey/green blotched camo, to match my NAC marines and Old Crow armour.

Finally we have a few armed civilians. Here we have a Rebel Minis mercenary armed with an M4 assault carbine, alongside a GZG colonist.

More GZG colonists. It's been fun painting these, as no two have quite the same mix of colours.

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