Tuesday 29 June 2010

Robotech wreckage

"Look Sarge, a big robot... but I think it's broken!"

This Robotech VF-1J Veritech fighter in Battloid mode (AKA Macross Valkyrie) has been in the loft for several years, and got rather too hot! Much of the plastic has discoloured from white to a stained yellow colour. The arms and legs are attached by moulded-on plastic pegs which push into PVC bushes, giving articulated joints at the shoulders, elbows, knees, wrists, feet and head. As you can see, the styrene pegs haven't survived very well!

Luckily I still have all the bits, and plan to rebuild it in a fixed pose - this will also enable me to remodel the hands and get it to hold the GU-11 gun pod properly.

This particular model is an Imai kit, and I think it was actually produced as a 1:100 scale, so should be spot-on for use with my 15mm games.

I'll probably paint it in the standard brown/grey/green camo I've been using on most of my vehicles to date, which will also mean that it will match some of my 1:300 scale Stinger and Wasp BattleMechs - time to start re-creating BattleTech in 15mm!

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