Saturday, 14 April 2012

Weapon Team Week - Day 1 - NAC GMS(P)

I've been working on some weapon teams recently.  This is a couple of prone GMS(P) troopers from the Ground Zero Games SG15-A11 NAC Support Weapons pack.  They are armed with the Guided Missile System (Portable) for anti-personnel and light anti-tank work.

 I don't usually use prone figures as part of my infantry squads, so I have an ever-growing collection of rarely-used troops.  You'll probably have seen the recent discussions on this topic over at Dropship Horizon.  I've decided to start turning them into weapons teams.

 I've selected a couple of figures from the SG15-A10 NAC Command/Comms pack to act as spotters.  The figure bases are trimmed down as required and stuck to a 2p piece with epoxy resin.

Some cheap 2-part epoxy plumbers' putty is used to smooth over the base, then a few small rocks followed by a sprinkling of sharp sand.

Still to come in Weapon Team Week... GMS(L), Gauss HAMR, SAW, Tribarrel, RAM mortar and missile teams!


  1. Looks great, the blue visors are nice.

    It also seems we both have NAC and UNSC to paint - haha.

  2. Nice looking stuff there, liking the camouflage on them.

  3. Really like the NAC range, the paint work really shows off the sculpts. Basing is quite nice, I like the array of rocks and small details.

  4. These are good, Paul. There IS divided opinion about prone figures, but you have made good use of them here, and in the post that follows. Nice work!

    1. Only problem is that now I need to buy more non-prone troops to make up for the ones who are stuck on the bases with their prone colleagues!