Sunday, 22 April 2012

Repairing the Badger

I've finally finished my second Matchbox Badger personnel carrier.  It was looking rather battered when I got it.

The model as bought
This came from a second hand shop for about 20p, so I can't really complain at the condition!  What's most important is that it still has all its parts.

A comparison between repainted & original Badgers
I knew it would need a fair bit of work to get it completely ready for action, but I think it's a great little vehicle that's well worth the effort.

Disassembled and ready for paint stripping
As usual, I drilled out the rivets and pulled it to bits.  The axles needed slight straightening with a pair of pliers and the body shell had a long soak in paint stripper.

Another view of the Badger's components
Following the paint stripper, the paint was all gone but there was still a lot of corrosion on the surface.  A week soaking in a bath of cola cleaned it up a little more, but eventually I had to resort to a good hard scrub with a Brillo pad !

A close up of the dirt and corrosion
You can see the finished result in tomorrow's post!

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