Monday, 30 April 2012

Skeletal robot

 Here is a colour scheme test for one of's skeletal robots from their HOF30 Automata Infantry set.


I wonder, can anyone tell me the inspiration upon which I've based this design?

Nice figure, lots of detail.  Shame the gun is just a big chunky box though.  When I've obtained some more washers of the correct size he'll have his base filed down and get stuck onto one to match my other figures.

Size comparison with the ubiquitous GZG NAC Marine.


  1. Okay, you've got me. I don't get the reference. CAre to clue me in before I tear my hair out :D?

    1. It's a "Skeletron" robotic trooper from the old Action Force toy range.

      It was released as a freebie that you could obtain by sending in medal tokens that you cut from the packaging of the figures you'd already bought. I saved up enough to get a couple of them. Sadly they never made an appearance in the weekly "Battle Action Force" comic during its 3-year run.

      Not sure how familiar anyone in a country other than the UK would be with this!