Sunday, 18 November 2018

Action Force - Red Shadow reinforcements

Some final infantry reinforcements mean that I have, at last, got enough Red Shadows for a decent Action Force game.

As before, these are Peter Pig late war Germans, a mixture of assault rifles (StG44) firing and advancing plus some German NCOs kneeling and standing.

I have enough for a good mix of fireteams including team leaders and support weapons.

I've recently purchased a copy of the Osprey Wargames Black Ops and have the first scenario planned...

Perhaps I'll even manage a game before Christmas!

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Action Force - Red Shadow machine gun teams

 More support weapons for my Red Shadows, this time in the form of a couple of machine gun weapon teams.

They overhang my usual weapon team base size slightly but not enough to cause any problems.

These are Peter Pig late war LMG teams (MG42s).  Peter Pig doesn't tend to add much face detail on the prone gun teams because you don't really get to see those features during a normal game!

This actually made them easier to use than the normal Peter Pig figures.  I didn't try to shape the front of the helmet with Milliput, just painted it as it was.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Action Force - Red Shadow support weapons

 My Red Shadow army receives some much-needed support weapons at last.  The action figure Red Shadow came with a bazooka and these Peter Pig WWII late-war German Panzershreck troops need only a little bit of work to look the part.

An additional late-war LMG advancing figure becomes a Red Shadow machine-gunner.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Action Force - Z Force Infantry

 A few more Z Force infantry to add to my Action Force army.

A mixture of M16/M4 armed troops.

Some have M203s for added firepower.

Now they just need some more Red Shadows to fight!

Monday, 5 November 2018

Alien invaders

For £1 each from a local toy shop, these alien war machines should be good glued into fixed poses and repainted.  They're a slightly biomechanoid form which reminds me of some '80s anime mecha such as the Robotech Zentraedi Queadluun-Rau or Nousjadeul-Ger power armour or maybe more the Robotech Masters' Bioroids with a touch of Invid.  They loom over 15mm figures and will give my Critical Mass Games mecha or my Exo-squad/Robotech Destroids a good run for their money.

There are ball and socket joints at shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle to provide excellent poseability.  I'll be fixing them to round plasticard bases which should give stability to any running action poses.  A few old guitar strings and a bit of milliput will help augment their biomechanoid appearance.

One version has very long, clawed arms and a hefty axe, obviously a close-combat type.

There are large shoulder mounted objects, perhaps some sort of jump-assist jets.

Alternatively you can swivel them to point forward in a more menacing way.

The ball joints allow a range of threatening poses.  With a bit of brass rod and some milliput I can add some recessed anti-personnel gun barrels to the forearms.

The ranged attack type has a rather odd weapon which has a Giger-esque alien head with a gun barrel protruding from the mouth!

I can just imagine those claws scooping up screaming civilians for cruel alien experimentation purposes...

Shoulder mounts in this one appear to be some sort of missile launchers?

If you wondered what mechanism is partly visible inside the translucent bodies, it's an LED light system.  I think I'll be removing these for use elsewhere so I can glue the body cavity closed with no risk of later battery leakage!

Now I just need to think of a colour scheme.  Any suggestions from anyone?

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Air transport on the cheap

 Slightly off-scale but I got a couple of these Ospreys for use as background scenery for games.  We sometimes get these flying over our little village and rather noisy they are too!

Some details are obviously incorrect such as having 4 blades on the prop instead of 3 

Other things will need to be altered, the cockpit windows are far too small. They're made of bendy "toy soldier" plastic so easy to cut.

For about £1.50 including P&P from e-bay they'll provide cheap and cheerful airfield scenery once repainted.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Diceni 2018

Gosh, I thought I'd published this months ago but there it was languishing in my "drafts" folder!

Sunday 6th May 2018 saw the Diceni games show taking place at the Forum in Norwich.  A few companies I hadn't seen there before: Sarissa Precision; Ainsty Castings; The Assault Group to name but three.  Various games in progress too, here is a small sample...

Parano Miniatures "Mythos" game - Lovecraftian otherwordly creatures fighting heroic humans teetering on the brink of madness...

 A Star Wars game - don't hold out much hope for the Rebel forces facing what looks like 2 Imperial Star Destroyers, 2 Victory Star Destroyers plus an Interdictor Cruiser!

Some sort of Japanese Samurai game.

A battle against vicious alien creatures, though the game was still to start when I was there.

Thanos vs the Avengers near a crashed TIE Interceptor?

A different Mythos game - an absolutely fantastic board but completely spoiled by the use of unpainted miniatures!  Honestly, I really don't understand some people.

Gangs of Rome.

Escape from the Dark Castle - very much a Fighting Fantasy vibe on this one, I'd have stopped for a go if I'd had more time.  I've played it with my friend Graham since then, a co-operative game, old school fun and almost every game has been very, very close (and we lost every time!).

Having a 3-year-old in tow does make it slightly difficult to appreciate everything that is going on but maybe I'll get a better chance next year?