Sunday, 23 April 2017

Action Force - future plans

That's my initial Z Force unit completed for now but there are plenty more to come including additional AT-4s, M240 and M249 teams, infantry etc.

Now I just have to manage to get a game in with them all!

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Action Force - Red Shadow machine gun team

Being outnumbered by the combined Z Force and SAS Force troops I've completed, the Red Shadows need some reinforcements.

A Peter Pig MG34 team needed only a little work to turn it into a Red Shadow machine gun team, ready to suppress those pesky Action Force troops!

Friday, 14 April 2017

Action Force - Z Force weapons teams

I've added a few support weapons to my Z Force unit, Peter Pig modern US again.  They're mounted on 2p pieces for use as weapon teams in Force on Force.

The Browning .50 cal teams come with some extra crew but they've been incorporated into the infantry.  3 crew per base would make it rather crowded anyway.

I also have some M240/FN MAG gun teams, though I haven't taken a particularly good photograph of this one!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Action Force - Z Force LAWs

Although none of the original Z Force action figures were armed with anti-tank weapons, for gaming purposes I'll need some.  These Peter Pig AT-4 troopers fill the role well.

The chap on the left seems to have a Minimi/M249 as well as his AT-4.  They'll add some good firepower.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Action Force - Z Force sappers

Codename "Tracker", Raoul Santilliana the Z Force Sapper was a repaint of the British Commando action figure.  He came armed with an M60 but I preferred the Peter Pig modern US M249/Minimi (which replaced the M60 in US service in 1995) and M240/MAG gunners to the Vietnam-era M60 gunners.

 The only alterations to these are head swaps for British Commando stocking caps.

Obviously only one of these is Tracker, but I'm sure Z Force had more than one support weapon!

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Action Force - Z Force Captain

 Commanding Z Force is Grant Campbell, "Skip".

Skip is a Peter Pig modern US M203 grenadier.  His head has been swapped for a WWII para beret head, though for some reason it seems to have a Bruce Forsythe chin.

I prefer the M203 gunners to the actual squad leader/command figures Peter Pig make, I think they'll fit better with the small-scale actions I'll be fighting.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Action Force - Z Force radio operator and medic

Sven Inglesen, code-name "Doc" is an unmodified modern US medic. He has a white medical kit and white webbing, helmet and vest to match the action figure.  The figure had a large red "flare launcher" but I haven't tried to give him one of these, though I might experiment with another medic later.

Radio operator Gianni Paulo Brazzi, code-name "Breaker", has been converted from a Peter Pig WWII 14th army sten gun figure.  He has a head swap with a peaked cap that came from a GZG figure which was the itself the leftover of an earlier head swap.  This gives him the headgear and weapon of his action figure counterpart.  A guiter string aerial turns his backpack into a passable radio pack.