Sunday, 15 April 2012

Weapon Team Week - Day 3 - GPMG gunner

I'm away on Monday night, so I'm posting it tonight instead!

Today's offering is a GPMG gunner with a spotter assisting him.  I've replaced the gunbarrels on all my NAC gunners with small pieces of brass rod.  This makes it easier to identify who has the support weapon in the squad.  I'll probably paint the edge of their bases a different colour at some point, buy I like the look of the heavier barrel anyway.  When I was speaking to Jon Tuffley the other day he said that it's difficult to cast them with longer barrels like this because too often the metal cools before it reaches the end of the mould.

I preferred the figure mix of this SG15-A09 NAC SAW gunners pack to the more recent UNSC SAW gunners.  The NAC pack consists of 2 each of 4 different poses, only one of which is prone, but the UNSC have only 2 poses, meaning half the pack are prone.  The NAC pack makes for a nicer variety of figures in each squad.

I have another waiting to be glued to his base when I've selected a suitable assistant for him. As before, I've used a 2p piece as the base with some of the larger chunks from a bag of sharp sand as the "rocks".  For use in Tomorrow's War, I'm treating this as a GPMG rather than a SAW - it makes sense for it to get an extra firepower die if it's set up on a bipod for sustained fire (yes, I know a real L7A2 GPMG has a tripod for this purpose but I'm working with the figures I've got!).


  1. Another really nice set of figures there, liking the little barrel conversion job.

  2. Very nice! I built an ammo hopper out of greenstuff for my UNSC SAW trooper for this very reason. Barrel extension is a great idea!

  3. These are well done again, Paul! Nice as mini dioramas, too!

  4. Excellent work again, I like how well you've pulled off the grassy highlighting on the bases.