Saturday, 17 March 2012

UNSC Colour scheme test

 I first started painting some of GZG's fine UNSC light troopers many months ago (I just checked and actually it was May 2010 - how time flies!).

Camouflage scheme

 I'm not sure that my original high-contrast scheme fits in with the rest of my forces, so I knocked up a couple of alternatives last night.  The first is a camo scheme using Humbrol 93 matt desert sand, GW rotting flesh and Vallejo Beastly Brown.  A brown ink wash and a light drybrush of the original colours gave extra texture, the gun is just matt black with a dark grey drybrush.

Grey scheme

 Next is a grey/white scheme.  Vallejo stomewall grey, black ink wash, drybrush in dark grey, light grey & white, gun as above.  Visor is GW red gore.

"Wimbledon" scheme
And finally a re-appearance of the original "Wimbledon" style purple/white/green scheme.

So... which should I go for?  All opinions much appreciated!


  1. The first is appealing to me due to the 'realistic' nature of it. I prefer the finish on the second option's gun however.

    Possibly refine the first scheme to have sand plates and borwn fatigues in the manner you picked out parts with the third option? (All over brown base, then pick out plates in the sand colour over top)

    I'll be debating such things soon myself; just bought some Khurasan Exterminators and already humming and harring over schemes! :)

  2. Grey isn't bad, but Wimbledon is proper sf. Looks cool, do it.

  3. Gray or Wimbledon. If you want camo, play moderns!

    -Chris K.

  4. #1 camo but with a earth brown textured base.

  5. The Camo scheme, I think, or certainly the use of those colours even if you don't make it into camouflage.

  6. Grey for me, but give me the old UNSC any day over these new ones with their wacky visor.

  7. Looks like camouflage might be just in the lead but perhaps I'll have to buy some more and do 3 separate armies!

  8. The second one down is really cool, and the third one down is funky looking!