Sunday, 15 April 2012

Weapon Team Week - Day 2 - NAC GMS(L)

 When a GMS(P) isn't enough, it's time for a GMS(L)!

The Guided Missile System (Light) comes from the Ground Zero Games SG15-A12 NAC Anti-Armour Weapons pack.  You get 2 GMS(L) firing posts with attached gunner plus a couple of gunner's mates ready to fix the next round onto the firing post.  The other 4 figures are Gauss HAMR gunners + assistants - post to follow later this week.

I thought I'd be a little more creative with these weapon teams, so I've added some spare missile rounds to the bases.  They're made from brass tube with a small plasticard carry-handle on top and the ends stopped-up with epoxy putty.

One of the launchers has already been used, you can see the burnt-out tube discarded next to the firing post.

One down, 3 to go...


  1. Nice looking stuff, interesting to see something a bit different done with these. I like the used launchers as well.

  2. Very nice work Paul. Love the spare missiles.

  3. Great idea with emptied tube. I will steal it.