Friday, 5 August 2011

Warhammer or Tomahawk - take your pick!

I've finally got around to painting my giant robot - either a 70-ton BattleTech Warhammer heavy BattleMech or a Robotech Tomahawk Destroid Mecha depending upon your point of view.

It didn't look very impressive when it arrived from e-bay, but I could see the potential...

It's going to join my OUDF forces - see the trooper for scale.

After a spray of dark grey car primer, the base coat is Humbrol acrylic 75 matt bronze green, ighlighted with 86 olive green.

Camo stripes are Humbrol 33 matt black with humbrol 67 panzer grey drybrushing to show up the edges.

A few waterslide transfers finished things off. They're a mix of models & manufacturers; Airfix Sea King, Matchbox Westland Wessex, Italeri King Tiger, GW vehicle markings...

The arms and torso still twist, giving a nice range of poses.

The UK temperate camouflage scheme fist in with my DLD AFVs

It's suitably imposing, but not so big that it's impractical on the tabletop.

A few close-ups of the transfers.

I think they add a nice finishing touch!

Now to try it out in a game...


  1. Nice paint job! I have a hard time deciding which is a better gaming universe, Robotech or Battletech. Robotech was such a great series but battletech has such a realistic and intricate setting.

    Is that figure around 1/100 scale?

  2. Thats funny i have just finished repainting the same Battletech Warhammer toy and posted it up on TMP last night, these old Exo-Squad mecha toys are perfect for 15mm gaming. I must say that you camo scheme looks really good and ties the Battlemech in with the AFV's very nicely...

  3. It will always be the Excalibur to me, going back to my Robotech RPG days. :) This has always been, and will probably always be, my absolute favorite mecha design.

    I've been on the fence for awhile... buy some of these and use them as-is for 15mm, or try to track down proper 1:100 models? I think you've convinced me to just go with the cheaper ones and enjoy them.

    Chris K.

  4. Let's see... BattleTech 3025 Technical readout (original FASA edition from 1986) doesn't tell us the height, but it's probably fairly similar to the Robotech RPG info: the Excalibur MkVI (or Tomahawk MBR-04-VI) is 11.27m tall. I'll assume that's to the top of the missile bin over the right shoulder.

    The figure I have is 89mm for the same measurement. This makes it approx 1:126 scale, strictly speaking a little small for 15mm gaming, but I still think it looks the part!

    A little more work would have improved it - drilling out the gun barrels, I also thought about having a couple of missile ports open... but in the end I just wanted to get it done & on the table!

  5. He is great, a really nice looking walker, personally I think I would have either done some conversion on the face area (got rid of the cuteness) or accentuated it by painteding the face as a cute cartoon character

  6. My original plan was to replace the poorly moulded machine gun barrels (the bits that look like bulging eyes) on the "head" section with brass tube. I may revisit it at some point in the future to do a better job.

    Wasn't sure at the start if the investiture of effort would be justified by the end result, but seeing how this one has turned out I think I'd have a go with the next one.

  7. OK, I thought they were supposed to be eyes, and what is the eyes or window was supposed to be a mouth, making the Kermit look, you should replace or remove them, but worth the effort, good result.

  8. Wonderful paint job. What is the scale of the army man standing next to the mech?

    1. He's a 15mm figure from Ground Zero Games.