Sunday, 14 August 2011

GZG Assault Team SG15-SFE5

 One of the older sets of GZG figures I have is SG15-SFE5 Assault Team.  From their description, and proximity in the catalogue to SG15-SEF1 (Sci-Fi Egyptians with Jackal-Head helmets), I had assumed that they were probably Jon's version of the SG1 team from Stargate SG1.

Included in the pack you get 4 "grunts" of 2 designs, plus 4 character figures; Colonel O'Neill, Teal'c, Major Carter & Dr Jackson, all armed with FN P90s.  All have assault vests apart from Carter - who just has a vest!

The figures are nicely sculpted, although my Carter had a slightly squashed nose when she arrived.  I'm afraid my efforts to tidy this have not been especially successful, and she now looks worse than when she started.

All the figures tend towards the "well-fed" appearance of many of the earlier GZG figures, though it's most noticeable on the grunts.

It would have been nice to see Teal'c holding a staff weapon rather than a P90, but that's only a small grumble, and it wouldn't take much to convert him with a bit of brass rod and some epoxy putty.

I've painted them using Humbrol acrylics, matt black for the boots, vests & weapons with a heavy drybrush of 75 bronze green for the fatigues.

Overall grade for these figures: B

Full of character, though a little on the chunky side.  A greater variety of weapons might have been nice, though as you get 6 different sculpts in the pack the range of poses is good.


  1. Thanks Paul, It's good to see some clear pictures of the fabulous GZG range-I often have difficulty making out details on Jon's website.

  2. I'm gradually working my way through them - next up is the Islamic Federation and some more OUDF troops!