Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Interstellar Mining and Extraction Consortium

Employees of the Interstellar Mining and Extraction Consortium wear distinctive red jackets with the IMEC logo on the back, plus black trousers and brown boots. Some also sport a baseball cap in the company colours.

IMEC originated as a smaller concern, the Pleiades Mining and Extraction Consortium, but has expanded into a multiplanetary operation as new partner organisations have joined the consortium. It is currently the largest mining group in human space, involved in a wide range of areas; asteroid mining in the oort clouds, cometary ice mining, HE3 extraction from gas giants and even something as basic as people on the ground with shovels and pick-axes.

Many planetary mining operations have a sizeable security contingent. Their operations on recently colonised world can lead to encounters with unfriendly wildlife or even bandits who suspect that something valuable is being mined.

My IMEC employees are all from GZG in the form of armed civilians/colonists, an unarmed civilian/colonist and a heavy weapons crewman. The heavy weapon crew in baseball caps make very good civilian techs/manual workers.

The IMEC logo is a black circle with a sector cut out (approximately the 1 o'clock to 2 o'clock part) and partially removed. This sector is yellow/gold in colour - the design symbolises IMEC's removal of the valuable resources from the black circle representing a planet.

Trousers are Humbrol 33 matt black with a dark grey drybrush, jackets are GW blood red with Vallejo sepia wash, boots are Vallejo beastly brown with a sepia wash.


  1. I really like GZG 15mm miniatures, and you've made a great job of them Paul!

  2. Really nice job. The logo is clever. Distinctive yet easy enough to paint in 15mm.

  3. Those are really nice, love the logo

  4. These look cool, good job.