Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cargo Droid

This cargo loading droid has been sitting in my "works in progress" box for months, just waiting a few finishing touches. Here it is in action in the cargo bay.

I'm sure you recognise its origins! I found a couple reduced in Tesco one day and thought they'd come in handy.

A coat of light grey with a black ink wash, bare metal parts are blacl with a burtn umber/burnt sienna ryst patter applied, then drybtushed WG chainmail.

Laura (the wife) says that he still looks to cartooney - it's the droopy eyes that do it!

All the same, it'll make a good bit of cover for a shoot-out at the starport. I might make a few alterations to the other one.

Scenery from Hirst Arts starship wall & floor moulds, crates from Hirst Arts cargo bay mould. Very handy for 15mm as well as 25/28mm scale!


  1. yeah its the eyes that give it away, maybe a slight conversion in that area will work onders, looks good anyway.

  2. They follow you round the room...