Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Messing around in boats

I produced this little vessel months ago but realised that I hadn't posted any pictures.

It's a from a Majorette set that included a car, trailer & boat. I lost the outboard long ago, but my bits box contained various useful bits and bobs. The jerrycan comes from a 1/72 Italeri accessory set.

The engine was some sort of component cover from a circuit board, luckily it's styrene so I can stick it easily with polycement. I've embellished it with a few plasticard scraps, including a plasticard circle produced using a hole-punch and very thin plastic.

Here's Grumpy the colonist demonstrating how a GZG figure can stand inside the boat.

GZG seated NAC marines will also sit comfortably on the seats!

A couple of scummy low-tech rebels try out their boat. On isolated colony world such as Gordon's Gamble, grav vehicles aren't always available. Something as basic as an inflatable dinghy can provide a ready means of transport through rough terrain, even if it is restricted to the river.

OK so it's not particularly inspired and is slightly out of scale, but it only took a few minutes to do, and it could provide a couple of adventure hooks - who can gain control of the vital ferry crossing in a battle between rebels and local militia? Can the rebels get to their boat and escape down the river before the Grav tanks catch it? Are the rebels luring the grav-tanks into a carefully prepared ambush, taking advantage of the overconfidence of the government forces with their apparent technical superiority..?

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  1. Hey Paul! Nice idea-inexpensive, simple, and easy to get on the table in a hurry. Perfect!