Thursday, 18 August 2011

SG15-A4 Gurkhas

 Ground Zero Games’ “New Anglian Confederation Gurkhas” have a very WWII 14th army feel to them I thought.  14th Army included the Chindits and fought in Burma, and I can just see these guys creeping through the jungle...

Inspired by this, I’ve gone for quite a restrained 1940s style colour scheme.  Basic uniform colour is Humbrol acrylic 86 olive green.  Webbing has been painted in Humbrol 93 matt desert yellow.  I gave the whole figure a wash of diluted Vallejo sepia ink, followed by a drybrush of the base colours in the appropriate areas.  Webbing received a further highlight of Vallejo bonewhite.  Flesh is my special flesh mix with a wash of GW flesh wash, highlighted with the basic flesh tone.  It's come out a little bright for real Gurkhas but never mind!  Weapons and boots are Humbrol 33 matt black with a light drybrush of Humbrol 32 dark grey to bring out the detail.

I like these figures.  In general the poses are good, the only slight disappointment being the squad leader; he does look rather like he’s dancing rather than heroically leading his troops onwards.  I think it’s the positioning of the right foot.  The missile launcher is great, kneeling in a stable firing position with the basic LAW-type tube launcher clasped tightly to his shoulder.  They're not a slim as some more recent figures, but they don't look as over-fed as others have been!

All are wearing standard battle dress fatigues, some with the sleeves rolled up, adding to the hot & sweaty jungle feel.  They have webbing and backpacks with plenty of pouches for ammo and grenades.  They're obviously on a long patrol as they're carrying lots of kit.  It may sound odd, but I found their boots to be particularly satisfying!  They are sturdy and purposeful with fine detail on the laces and the ribbed toe areas.  All are wearing bush hats.

 Most are carrying a chunky assault rifle/grenade launcher combo apart from the missile launcher mentioned above, and the SAW/LMG gunner with a standard NAC support weapon.  Being Gurkhas, it's a shame that none have their Kukri drawn.  They all have one in a big sheath on their belt, but it would have been nice if one was waving it in anger, especially as it's their trademark weapon.

Overall grade for these figures: A-

A nice mix of poses, plenty of character, although the officer's pose is a little awkward.  Equipment gives a suitable jungle feel, but a shame that none have a Kukri drawn.  Well worth a look if you're after some jungle troops or guerrilla fighters!


  1. Never seen them before painted. They are very nice and you did a great paintjob!

  2. These guys look great, very nice paint, and they're low-tech enough to fill a wide range in genres as well. Good stuff!