Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Japanese Corporate Trooper and Islamic Federation

 A couple of my more recent projects...

Islamic Federation trooper from the "kneeling and prone" set.  A dusty yellow/brown palette for a desert feel.

Japanese Corporate trooper.  I've aimed for a Samurai sort of colouring to match the style of the armour, a mix of medium brown, red-brown and dark brown.  My research wasn't very detailed though, so apologies to real Samurai reading this!!


  1. Great color choices. Seeing that Japanese trooper in close detail still makes me want to sculpt a tail and turn them into a xenos force:


    Chris K.

  2. The IF trooper is very nice, I have never liked the Jap corp figs (just personal preferance) but your colour scheme is pretty good.

  3. I might have to experiment with adding a tail to one of the spare figures...