Wednesday, 10 August 2011

IMEC's low-tech approach

The Interstellar Mining & Extraction Consortium does not always use high-tech ways of mining. When you're basically just digging a hole, there's still a place for the humble tipper-truck!

Chassis is Humbrol 33 black drybrushed with dark grey. The bin on the back is GW blood red with a wash of thinned sepia ink. IMEC logo was added using a stencil made using sellotape and a hole punch!

A drybrush of GW chainmail on some areas was followed by a good dusting of humbrol matt 93 desert yellow across much of the vehicle.

Some of the detail... this is the engine.

Here is the cab. Those seats don't look too comfy.

The original vehicle - a Matchbox Atlas tipper truck.

Showing the wear and tear from many happy childhood days playing in the garden!


  1. Haha, I am using more of such cars. have to repaint them, finally.

  2. Very nice! It looks very good scalewise too!

  3. Excellent. These models will be used with which ruleset ?

  4. Cool, good use of old truck.

  5. Rules I have used for 15mm are a mixture...

    1) Star Wars RPG by West End Games for small, character-based games. This is long out of print in that form, but has been re-released in a modifies version as "D6 Space".

    2) Force on Force, and I've got Tomorrow's War on pre-order...

    3) Gruntz (playtest on my Blog in October 2010)

    4) My own rules which I aim to make available via .pdf sometime.

  6. I have created my own rules (at platoon level) called High Fire
    But when i read your blog, i will like to add a module to my ruleset for playing at subskirmish level as a crew ship, a miner team, etc.

    Your blog is excellent and i am sure that your rules will be great to.

  7. Thank you Raskal, I had a quick look at your rules and I'll have to give them a try some time.

    I'm afraid that my French isn't very good, so it might take me a while to translate it, but I managed to work out quite a bit!

  8. If a have at least one anglosaxon gamer interested, i will perhaps translate the rule in english -;)

  9. I am not an anlosaxon, but I wholeheartedly welcome Your rules translated into english (or polish).

  10. I'd love to take a look at the rules in English!