Tuesday, 30 October 2012

NAC GPMG gun team

 Finally finished my other GZG NAC Marine support weapon team.  The figure on the right has had his base trimmed so that he fits neatly next to the prone gunner.

The ammunition boxes come from "The Scene" in a pack of 10 and are ideal for adding a bit of character to vehicles or figure bases like this.  Yes, I know that they don't match the one the gunner is already using but I think that he was using a lightweight ammo hopper in the mobile role and is ready to switch to larger boxes now that he's in a sustained-fire position.

As with all my NAC support gunners, the barrel has been replaced with a bit of brass rod to make it easier to identify as a heavier weapon - though in this case it's pretty obvious anyway because he's been based up with his buddy as a weapon team.


  1. That just looks amazing the fine detail(ammo boxes)give it that it that little bit of extra drool factor.

  2. Amazing little diorama style unit

  3. Very nice looking team there. What size drillbit do use for drilling out these tiny gun barrels?

  4. More good stuff, nice paint for some nice figs.