Sunday, 21 October 2012


 I'm very pleased with these skips from The Scene.  A good price, arrived quickly, nicely cast in a good resin.  The rubble filled filled ones needed a bit of cleaning up, small bobbles of resin where tiny bubbles had been left when the moulds were made but I can't see how you'd make a mould from such a rough texture without them.  Although I cleaned them off it probably wouldn't have made much difference if I'd left them there, the bobble were so small.  There was also the occasional bubble in the resin but a dab of PVA and a sprinkle of sand soon cleared that up.

Small rubble and scrap metal
I particularly like the scrap metal skip.  There's all sorts in there, bits from a Sherman tank suspension, corrugated iron, cogs and other bits.

Medium and large rubble
I gave the skips a good scrub with a toothbrush and some washing up liquid before undercoating them with Vallejo primer.  Top colour is GW sunburst yellow with a Vallejo sepia wash.  Rust has been applied using Inscribe acrylic burnt umber with burnt sienna highlights followed by a rub with an HB pencil on the edges where the paint/rust has been worn away.

"Bloomin' kids!  Gerroutta them skips!"
They're a nice size, light weight, quick and simple to paint and are a useful addition to my collection of scatter scenery.  I bought the bargain bag of 7 skips which I think came to about £4.40 which I think is excellent value for money.  (The skip full of general waste seems to have become separated from its fellow rubbish receptacles so unfortunately it doesn't feature in today's article!)


  1. These are indeed cool, thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice work! I must get mine painted sometime soon.

  3. I love the indutrial yellow-ness of them, they look great. I may have to pick these up, I've got some neat ideas cooking, thanks for sharing!