Thursday, 18 October 2012

Experiments in camouflage

 A few more guerrillas for the ongoing rebellion on Gordon's Gamble.  Figures are all GZG colonists/civilians, from left to right SG15-V07 (armed civilians/colonists pack A), SG15-V02 (civilians/colonists pack B), SG15-V07 again.  The armed figures have received head swaps from SG15-XH2 (conversion heads pack 2).  Because the figures are female I went for the slightly smaller heads, in this case with night vision goggles.

I think it looks rather like the rebel leader clutching a roll of his nefarious plans, flanked by his 2 bodyguards.

Rebel leader and elite henchwomen.

I've tried a mix of different camouflage schemes.  On the left is Vallejo reflective green trousers with a sepia wash and Vallejo bone white drybrush.  Jacket is GW goblin green with bone white , beastly brown and matt black splotches.  Finished with a sepia wash.

The man in the middle has bone white trousers with a sepia wash, jacket is reflective green with bone white and GW vermin fur splotches.

The lady on the right had reflective green trousers with beastly brown and black splodges followed by a sepia wash.  Jacket is bone white with  reflective green and vermin fur splodges.

Rear view gives a better view of camo on jackets.
I'm pleased with the head swaps, they've added a bit more variety to my rebels.  I think the camo on the jackets of the middle and right hand figures works fairly well.  The bone white and reflective green provides enough of a contrast for you to see that they're in camo from a distance but it still looks OK close up.  The right side camo trousers and left side camo jacket don't really work so well.  Although the camo looks reasonable close up, it blends together into a uniform greeny-brown from a distance so I probably won't bother with that type again.  The black flecks on the jacket are hardly even visible by the time I've applied the ink wash!  The ink wash has toned down the bone white very nicely so that it works with the other colours of the camo.

Still, a fun experiment and has given me some better colour combinations to use in the future.


  1. They all came out great but I particularly like the jacket on the leader model. Well done!

  2. Very nicely done good camo as well I imagine its quite hard in figs this scale to make it look right