Wednesday, 24 October 2012

GZG NAC sniper

I've had some of Ground Zero Games' snipers kicking around for ages.  I've followed my usual colour scheme for them - grey fatigues with green camp splodges, brown armour with green and grey drybrushed camo patches.

It makes a change to have a sniper with a weapon that's something other than along-barrelled version of their normal rifle.  In this case it's a laser system as you can see by the power cable and the stubby shape.  If you really wanted a long barrel (perhaps to make it easier to tell the sniper apart on the battlefield), the chunky nature of the weapon would make it easy to drill a hole and pop a bit of brass rod in.

I've done a couple of weapon teams with the prone sniper figures, will post them in the next few days when I've had a chance to download the photographs.


  1. Nicely done. Much prefer your sniper with the gun he has.

  2. This sniper looks great and I do love the non-traditional rifle route too. Much better on the battlefield; longer range, invisible beam, packs a punch, silent, no wind drift...

    Now why don't we have more of these!