Monday, 22 October 2012

Plasma cannon groundmount

 This is V15-85A from Ground Zero games, a twin plasma cannon on groundmount with a New Israeli crewman.  His two buddies are from a couple of different infantry sets.

 The kit is fairly simple to put together, it comes as a 3-legged groundmount, a seat/sensor unit, a gun shield and 2 gun barrels.  Plus the gunner of course.  It did need quite a lot of blu-tack to keep the bits in place while the glue set though...

 I've gone for a black base coat with a drybrush of Humbrol matt 75 bronze green plus matt 86 olive green highlights.  Visor is Humbrol gold.  Sensor dome Vallejo matt black.  I've painted the leg extenders in GW mithril silver - I assume they slide out and lock into position when the unit is deployed.

 A nice little gun mount to add some fire support for my NI troops!


  1. Thats pretty cool looking nice work.

  2. Thanks I was wondering how that went together!
    I got one in the GZG New Israeli starter pack...)

    1. Just make sure you've got lots of plasticine ready to prop it up - or use much faster setting glue than I did!