Monday, 8 April 2013

Weasel Armoured car

Weasel Armoured Car
Another old Matchbox vehicle to convert - came as part of a job lot of Matchbox military stuff from e-bay.  I have another one in my old toybox at my Mum and Dad's, I'll have to dig it out next ime I'm there.

I'm thinking that this one will be painted to match my personnel carriers.  Now all I need to do is work out what that colour scheme is going to be...


  1. Another favourite from my misspeant youth! ;-)

  2. Im finding these old Corgi/Matchbox toy vehicles a perfect size for most of my 15mm figures, i have just finished converting four Commando V100's but cutting off the rear engine box and replaced the turrets with something more Sci-fi looking. I'm holding back on paint them for the time being as i have not decided what kind of a scheme to paint them, so ill be watching this thread...

  3. Look forward to seeing it paint up, Like the look of the Commando V100's as well.