Sunday, 7 April 2013

Diceni Games Day

Sunday dawned bright and sunny, this last week has been pretty good although still an icy wind.  Still, it was a balmy 6 Celsius so I could wear my Old Buckenham Bone Crushers t-shirt.  Visitors arriving at The Forum in Norwich first encountered a small selection of military vehicles.  The Forum houses the Millennium Library, BBC offices, Pizza Express and various others, I think it's one of the best millennium projects I've come across and I'm glad it's been a huge success.  There are often events taking place in the large central atrium.  Most of the photographs are pretty large - click on any of them to see more detail!

The Forum

A Spartan and a Star Fleet security officer were there to greet people as they arrived.

Main entrance

  I confused my friend Graham when I asked if he'd seen the Spartan - he was thinking of the battle of Thermopylae rather than Halo!

 I think the Starfleet officer was probably from Voyager?

There was a nice CVR(T), either a Scimitar or a Sabre (I couldn't see the turret shape under all that camo netting), and Boudicca herself was there too.

Boudicca and CVR(T) Sabre
I bet she wishes she had light tanks instead of a rubber spear when she fought the Romans.

There were several demonstration games.  Dystopian Wars is something we've played at the club a few times.

Dystopian Wars
 Bearing in mind the title of the event it seemed fitting that there was a battle between Boudicca and her Iceni tribesmen against the Romans.

Boudicca and her Iceni take on the Romans
Saga appeared to be a dark ages battle.  I liked the teddy-bear fur thatch on the cottages!

Dark age battles in Saga

US and German troops clash
US and German troops.

English Civil War

There were a range of other costumed Dr Who fans...

Weeping Angel

Do-nate!  Do-nate!

Power Ranger, small assistant, Amy Pond and Ace

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  1. Looked good mate, Boudicca was a foxy chick I'd of surrendered to her!