Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Badger reinforcements

 I've acquired a few more Badgers recently, one from a local model railway shop's old toy box, the other two (without radar antennae) from e-bay.  I think a couple of Peter Pig Hummer MG mounts will finish those two nicely, similar to the couple of Stoats I want to add them to.

Before and after (or so I hope...)

Replacement Badgers from the surplus depot.

Hmm... looks like this one hit a mine!

Disassembled and ready for refurbishment.

Mould lines filed and sanded (paint still to be scrubbed).

Scrubbed sanded and filed, ready for painting.


  1. Badgers! We don't meed no stinking Badgers! Sorry, couldn 't resist. New life for old toys.

  2. I had dozens of these diecast cars as a child, and I've made a point of acquiring more from car boot sales over the years when I get the chance. And for the exact same reason. Haven't been able to collect enough to make painting them all worthwhile YET though. And most of the troop carrier ones seem to have had a few passanger heads knocked off.

    1. 1970s lorried infantry obviously had very weak necks. No wonder the world's armed forces started adopting enclosed personnel carriers!

  3. I think what you are doing with the old Matchbox diecasts is fantastic! I am currently working on refurbishing some up for use in my 20mm moderns imagination games. I look forward to seeing what you are doing to see if I can steal some ideas...