Tuesday, 30 April 2013

More Stoats - painted!

 My 3 new Stoat armoured cars are ready for action.  This time I gave them a scrub with a brillo pad (steel wool) instead of dunking them in paint stripper.  It gives a key for the paint and it's much quicker, which suits my lazy way of working.

I've used a black undercoat this time.  Hopefully any chips in the paintwork won't be as noticeable as with a grey undercoat (as used on the first Stoat).

Driving through the forest.
The more observant among you might have noticed their sneak preview in yesterday's post!

GZG trooper for scale.
I've used the same colour scheme as the first Stoat.  Humbrol 75 bronze green with a Humbrol 86 drybrush.  Vallejo matt black camo stripes drybrushed with Humbrol 32 dark grey.  A dusting of Humbrol 93 desert yellow to finish off.  Tools are Vallejo stonewall grey heads with Humbrol 186 brown handles.  Fire extinguishers on the top of the hull are GW woodland green (a pot from the early 1990s!).

I think some Peter Pig Hummer 50 cal or TOW Hummer ring-mounts might finish them nicely.


  1. These look great (as always!) but I'm really waiting to see the armoured transports...

  2. They look great,you might want to try the MATV Comanche Gun Sprue/Turret set from Rebel minis,
    gives you a few weapons options.

    1. I had thought of that but I'm always a bit wary about ordering from overseas because of past difficulties with sales tax.

      A good suggestion though, the Rabel Minis bits look fantastic.