Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mad Mecha Guy watch towers

 I was so impressed by my first order from Mad Mecha Guy that I've already ordered some more bits.  This was dealt with just as efficiently as last time, I e-mailed my order on Wednesday evening, received an e-mail about 7:30 Friday morning to say that it was all cut and ready for delivery and received it early the next week -despite the Easter weekend and its two bank holidays!

This time I've gone for 5 small shops with pitched roof, a set of 3 public conveniences (1 to act as a shower block for the shanty town, one for the starport and one for the city centre), some storage containers, a large house and 7 tall watch towers.  Most of the package has been squirreled away as my birthday present from my wife, so no reviews until July!

I was allowed to remove a few items for "test purposes" though...

The watch tower.
I have 3 watch towers to build.  I've just thrown one together quickly to take a few photographs.  You can see that it looms over the battlefield nicely.  This is the taller set of towers - the shorter set features 3 sections of tower instead of 4.

Removable roof.
 I'm going to leave the roof removable so that it's easier to get figures in and out.

Alternate platform configuration.
If you wanted to build it without the roof, you can turn the wall sections upside-down like so.

Engraved detail.
As usual, Joseph has engraved some panel detail to break up any large flat areas.

As always, the components are carefully thought out and go together with no trouble.  It's very obvious where they all go and the fit is snug, as can be seen from my dry assembly above - no glue required for these photographs, though you'd want some for the final assembly.  The pack contains 7 towers, enough for one on each corner of a firebase/POW camp and two either side of the main gate, plus a spare for the centre of the camp.  Alternatively they could form a frontier across the length of a 6' games table.  Plenty of scenario ideas present themselves immediately:
1) Prison camp break-out or rescue
2) Firebase siege
3) Frontier raid
4) Defend the lone tower from the restless natives

I've got them painted now, just need to set up a suitable scene for photography.  Can't wait to start work on the rest after my Birthday!


  1. Glad you had no trouble ordering these. I have e-mailed an enquiry a few days ago, but had no reply. Perhaps he's busy due to the upsurge in interest! The towers look great by the way!

    1. I expect there might have been an upsurge in demand following the Dropship Horizon article on Thursday! I ordered a couple of weeks ago.

    2. Hopefully we've both been good for his business. :)

      I like these watchtowers quite a bit. The POW camp is good scenario fodder - they would also be good for more traditional prisons.