Friday, 17 February 2017

Yet more Oldhammer goodies...

 My next box contains some particularly nice Oldhammer goodness.

Another box of Oldhammer-ness

I won't linger on the shields, slottabases or the collection of Brettonian Knights' heads (bottom right).

Chaos Dwarves

Chaos Dwarfs!  Back when they were properly Chaotic, not the weird Middle-Eastern styled ones that came later.  These were from my late lamented local games shop and specialist stockist, Truro Micro.  They regularly had lots of second hand boxes you could rummage through, these cost about 25p each.  Mind you, that was about 20-25 years ago.


A few of the more interesting shields, a mix of GW, Marauder plus anonymous metal ones.

Assorted weapons.

A collection of weapons.  Chaos warriors box set, Space Marine combat knives, skeleton horde spears, part of a giant scorpion claw... a bizarre mix really.  Many will come in useful as pieces of set dressing for my dungeon.


The expedition pack mule from the Adventurer's Starter Pack, the first ever set of GW figures I had.  He was badly painted to start with, I really do need to clean him up and paint him properly!

Adventurers vs monsters!

You can see him lurking back left in this copy of the box art that also appears in the WFB 3rd ed rule book.

More shields.

A few more Marauder shields, partly painted.  These were later issued with the Advanced Heroquest game as shields for the retainers.

Epic scale diorama minus the epic scale figure.

This slottabase was intended to be the scenic base for an Epic scale Squat biker in exo-armour.  He was going to be doing a wheelie, hence the hole drilled ready to securely fix him in place.  I wonder where he went?

Chaos warrior

This Chaos Warrior may look vaguely familiar.  Why?  Because he graces the front of the WFB 3rd Edition rulebook!

Chaos warrior on WFB cover.

See,there he is!

Yet more shields.

Chaotic shields.

Enough shields now!

Horses' heads and some more shields.

Kev Adams' zombies

A trio of the fantastic old GW zombies by Kev Adams, I had these cast up specially at GW in Nottingham when I visited in 1998 because they were no longer available in blister packs by then.  All packed full of character, these deserve closer examination.


There's a scary face!


I like the dangling eyeball, exposed rib cage and escaping intestines!

Dingly-dangly zombie?

I think this chap is actually supposed to be separated from his slottabase tab and suspended from a gallows.

Mmmm... brains!

Makes a change to see something else eating a zombie's brains!

Nice hooves!

Gargoyle, not sure exactly which GW range he originally came from, I thought he might be a Night Horror but I can't find him in my 1989catalogue.  Somewhere I have a pair of wings for him.


Citadel pre-slotta ghoul.


I love this figure!  It stars in the WFB 3rd ed rule book.

WFB pp180-181.

 Our zombie-like ghoul appears 3 times in this magnificent diorama in the magic section of the WFB 3rd ed rules.

Here he is, on the far left of the diorama.

And again, by the bridge.

One more appearance as he emerges from the river.

This reminds me, somewhere I have a Jabberwock that needs painting.

Some of the detail from the bridge.  You just don't seem to get this sort of work from GW in their rule books these days, now they just plonk a load of figures down on a grass mat amongst their generic skull-laced terrain and don't even bother to try and hide their bases.

More Chaos Dwarfs.

Some more of my proper Chaos Dwarfs.  With these old figures, it's always fun to see which mutations they've worked into the figures.

More Oldhammer goodness next time!

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