Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Action Force!

It is the early 1980's.

The threat of global terrorism is on the rise.

Recognising the need for a multinational force with the ability to respond quickly to threats anywhere on the planet, world leaders propose the creation of a new elite military unit known simply as "Action Force".  The best and the brightest will be handpicked from military forces on every continent and formed into 4 fighting arms:

Z Force - the infantry backbone of Action Force.
SAS Force - the special operations force.
Q Force - naval operations team.
Space Force - maintaining a watch over the planet from their orbiting satellite station.

Red Shadows vs Z Force
My Action Force project is based on a mixture of the 1980's Palitoy action figures, the Battle Action Force comic which ran concurrently with the toy range and whatever 15mm figures I can get which seem to match them.  An exact match hasn't always been possible, especially given the very disparate nature of some of the figures used in the original Action Force range (a WWII British "Desert Rat" armed with a Vietnam War era US M60 machine gun?!).  I've tried to go with the spirit of the figures rather than slavishly copying every detail and Peter Pig has supplied the vast majority of the figures that I've used.

 Stay tuned over the coming days for more of my Action Force project!


  1. Looks good so far, nice to see you posting Paul!

    1. I'm hoping to post a bit more this year, so far things are going better than 2015/16!

  2. I think the ethos you are taking is the right way to do it - what feels right rather than rivet counting what was a hodge podge of bits in the first place. :)