Friday, 24 February 2017

Oldhammer goodies part3!

 My next box contains all sorts of bits and pieces...

A few Alcatani Fellowship pikemen.These date from the "Dogs of War" mercenaries when GW relaunched their "regiments of renown", I think it was late 1990's?

The pikeman on the left has a great expression!

I have a few halflings scattered about my collection, this is the only unpainted one.  Like many of my other older citadel figures, he game from the second hand tub in our 1980's-90's local games shop Truro Micro.

Some undead, I think it's a Reaper undead houndmaster on the left, a Ral Partha liche on the right, both from the fantastic Games Room on Elm Hill in Norwich.  A proper games shop selling a wide range of different figures and lots of games books, many out of print, do be sure to pop in if you ever visit Norwich!

Beast of Slaanesh, also from the second hand tub in Truro Micro.  Its tongue has fallen off but it's in the box somewhere.

Skaven night runner, very heavily inked (back then it never occurred to me that they might need to be diluted!) and now coated in dust and fluff.

Citadel Lords of Battle.  I already have 3 others painted in my Heroquest box, again all from Truro Micro.

Brettonian musicians and a standard bearer.

Vampire.  I think this was actually the last GW model I bought from a GW shop, some 15-20 years ago.

A plastic wizard who came free with White Dwarf.  He'll be visiting Frostgrave pretty soon.

An adventurer from the late '80s Citadel Catalogue.  I had him cast when I visited GW in 1998, the same as the zombies in my previous post.  I'd always loved this particular figure and decided that if I didn't get him cast especially on my visit, I'd probably never get him.  Shame I still haven't painted him after almost 20 years!

A couple of Night Horrors, slime and a ghoul, also from the Truro Micro bargain box.

"Slime" is a particularly creepy figure, all tentacles and large teeth.

A slinky vampiress on her throne.  A Heroquest end-of-level baddie if ever I saw one.

This multi-part figure is possibly a Scylla?

A couple of nice shields, possibly Marauder?

 An old Citadel knight.  I also have a box of about 10 plastic horses so I must get him assembled and mounted.

Marauder Chaos Warrior in need of a replacement weapon.  I think some sort of axe or mace would be appropriate.

Mithril Miniatures barrow wight from their Lord of the Rings range.  Their figures were always more delicately sculpted than the GW range and came ready-undercoated, a bonus for an inexperienced novice painter like my 12 year old self.  Shame about the thick humbrol varnish I used afterwards.

Dwarf miners, part of a pack of 5 which I bought mainly because I loved the tools that came with them.  There is a pick, small wheelbarrow and a couple of other items somewhere amongst my collection. Just imagine, 5 figures plus a load of accessories for only £2.99!  Those were the days...

Chaos Dwarf bazooka.

Chaos warrior.

Original 40K/Rogue Trader Tarantula weapon platform with twin Lascannon.

A couple of monstrous demon head decorations which will probably end up gracing the wall of one of my dungeon rooms.

What's left in the box?  A few Marauder wood Elf archers, a metal horse's head, another Brettonian standard bearer, Brettonian mounted musician, plastic Skink, assorted bases and shields.

Plastic Saurus from the WFB boxed set - possibly the 5th Edition?  I picked the boxed set up for £5 in the GW mega sale along with vast quantities of Epic 40K - of which more another day.

Last few items in the box include another of those free-with-White-Dwarf Mordheim Elf characters and a mounted Elf standard bearer.  I'm not sure how I ended up with him, having never had an elf army.

I might take a break for my next post and head back to the world of 15mm, though still with a 1980's theme.

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