Saturday, 11 February 2017

More Oldhammer goodies

 The next box of Oldhammer stuff I'll delve into is this one.

What's in the box?

You can see there are a couple of Advanced Heroquest Skaven, 3 old style Bloodletters of Khorne, a partially converted plastic Beastman, half a Marauder Beastman ready to be glued to a Chaos Thug's legs.  Let's look at the rest of the contents in more detail...


A marvellous Slaaneshi Chaos Warrior.  Nice claw!  Why are the new Chaos warriors all so boringly generic?

Hobgoblins - a rare sight these days.

A couple of Hobgoblins from the steppes, ready to kill the odd Kislevite.


The Hobgoblin archer has a particularly satisfying expression.  He'll be fun to paint!


A dead Squat. Rather sums up GW's attitude to the Space Dwarves, don't you think?

Imp with scrolls, "Jaw", Grimoire on legs.

3 Chaos Familiars.  These are actually a fairly recent purchase, about £2-3 each from e-bay, rather than bought new from GW for £7 each (!).

Lots of other familiars, I can't remember whether these were a Ral Partha set or Reaper.  They'll be handy companions to my wizards.

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