Thursday, 11 August 2016

Hammer's Slammers Week - Day 6 - Support Vehicles

Day 6 - Support Vehicles

The Old Crow Slingshot GEV is acting as a command and control vehicle for my Hog battery.

I've added lots of extra stowage to this one including a couple of tarpaulins, The Scene ammo boxes, Brigade Models jerry cans and various grab rails.

As with the other vehicles, this has a metalcote base coat and reflective green skirts.  No replacement panels here - these are flexible skirts rather than the steel skirts you get on a Combat Car or a blower tank.  A Pledge/black ink wash finishes it off.

 This vehicle has large flat areas that make it easy to apply the decals!

 For extra ammunition transport for the Hog, plus any general spares required by my Slammers, this GEV truck will be useful.

 Not many additions to this one, just a few grab rails and a jerry can.

 The stack of crates is removable so I can change the load as required for a scenario, or even use it to carry a few troops in an emergency.

I realised while taking these photographs that I haven't added the top hatch!  I must dig that out of my spares box, or perhaps try a small turret.

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