Monday, 8 August 2016

Hammer's Slammers Week - Day 3 - Blower tank

Day 3 - Blower tank

The M2A1 Blower tank is the signature vehicle of the Slammers.  I should have looked more closely before I bought these - I hadn't realise they came with moulded-on stowage baskets so I ordered far more etched brass stowage sets than I needed from Ainsty Castings!

Blower tank
 The blower was quick and easy to assemble and paint.  It still needs its tribarrel adding, I mislaid this during assembly but it has just turned up again!  I added a couple of extra tarpaulins and an ammo box to the stowage basket.  There were a few small bubbles here and some of the basket mesh was missing but this was easily covered up with my additions.

Rear view
Painting is as the Combat Car, metalcote polished aluminium hull, reflective green skirts, Pledge/black ink wash.

Side view
I know that Ainsty do a larger blower which is closer to the size needed for a 170 ton beast like this but I'm happy with the Old Crow ones, which at £4.50 each are really good value.

Turret/stowage detail
I have 7 more of these to assemble, 5 standard tanks and 2 command tanks.

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