Saturday, 6 August 2016

Hammer's Slammers Week - Day 2 - Hog

 Day 2 - Hog

I really like this kit, in fact I prefer it to the blower tank.  It has a satisfyingly chunky shape with plenty of places you can add detail.  The M53A1 mounts a rocket howitzer in the turret and carries a tribarrel for local defence.

Hog artillery vehicle
I did a fair bit of work on this one, adding grab rails/handles to all the rear hatches, a small pack of personal belongings on the back of the turret, Old Crow stowage on the turret roof along with a hand sculpted tarpaulin, plus some Brigade jerry cans on the back of the hull.

Hog artillery vehicle - tribarrel for air defence.
Having tried metalcote on the Combat Car, I used a different paint on this one, an old pot of Airfix silver enamel which came from my brother-in-law's old modelling box from the 1970s.  Still looks pretty good to me!  A coat of Pledge gave a good base for applying the decals, lots of decal softener was needed on the side of the turret to get that one to conform to the bulge of the hatch mounting.

Rear view - note stowage and grab rails.
The plenum chamber skirts were painted the same as those on the Combat Car and all the stowage received a wash of black ink.  A blob of matt black was daubed around the muzzle of the rocket howitzer then mostly wiped away, leaving a suitably sooty look.


  1. I know bright silver tanks aren't "realistic," although there's a perfectly reasonable reason for them in Hammer's Slammers, but I really like them. They remind me of cold war bare-metal jets.

  2. Nice work Paul, looks lived in....)