Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Hammer's Slammers Week - Day 4 - Command Car

Day 4 - Command Car

Next up we have the M9A4 Command Car.  A very basic kit, just a single resin casting for the entire vehicle!  As usual, I've added a bit of stowage in the form of a Brigade Models jerry can, hand-sculpted tarpaulin and a small block of Old Crow stowage on the roof.

Command Car.

It came with a tribarrel to mount on the roof, I haven't decided whether to add it or not.  If I do, it will be a simple matter to drill a small hole and drop it into place.  The Old Crow resin is a pleasure to work with, very easy to drill and clean up.

View of rear door/entrance ramp.

Painting was the same as the Combat Car.  The ventilation grills received a blob of matt black which was quickly wiped off, leaving extra shadows between the slats.  The sensor domes also had a coat of matt black.

I have a couple of Command Cars, the second of which will be painted as a medical vehicle.

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