Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Old Crow Mule grav sled

Some more civilian transport has arrived in the from of an Old Crow grav sled.  The crewman has been replaced by a Peter Pig driver from the AK47 Republic range, whose head has, in turn, been replaced by that of a Hammer's Slammers figure from GZG (chopped off during a previous head-swapping exercise).  Being rather short, he's had a seat built up out of plasticard so that he can see out of the front of the vehicle!

Unloading cargo at a smuggler's camp (yes, that is Thunderbird 2 in the foreground!).

Delivering fuel drums through the freight depot gate.

Munitions transport.

Off through the shanty town for the next collection.

Base colour is GW sunburst yellow with a Vallejo sepia wash.  Dabs of rust colour have been added here and there with GW chainmail scuff marks along the leading edges of the grav-skids and the edges of the hull.  The transport bed was dabbed unevenly with assorted browns and greys, then given an extra wash of black ink.  A chainmail drybrush folowed by light drybrush of rusty colours has given it a suitably well-used appearance.  A few additional daubs of black ink show where chemicals have leaked out of the cargo and dribbled down the sides of the mule.


  1. Nice conversion on the driver, the vehicle looks great and loving the in action pics :D Bit like a postman pat game :D

    1. Postman Pat game... no wthere's an idea for my next Scout games day! Might have to get some more grav sleds and paint one red! Reminds me of my old ZX Spectrum game "Mailstrom" in which you played postman Michael Nasty, delivering letters from his souped-up post van armed with missiles...

  2. Fine looking work! More items I covet from old crow.